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Supramind- Your new age digital branding and marketing buddy!

What does Supramind mean?

We are often asked what Supramind means. It is a joy to share this story, because it brings us alive and directly demonstrates our passion for new age digital marketing. Yes, the name is very unique and very un-online-marketing-company-name-like; but it is who we are. So here is what Supramind means:

Supra- it means early on, sooner, primary

Mind- it stands for mind, the most complex instrument in the world.

Also, in Hindi ‘Su’ means auspicious.

It completely resonates with what we do and believe. Supramind is always early in learning of new technologies and digital way of marketing translating it into auspicious business successes for our clients with our experienced and strategic-minded young team.

Our little story

Sometime in 2010, when we were looking to shortlist the name for this now 7 year old successful venture, our friends and family members showered their over-the-top-love and encouragement by sharing list of probable names. After much brainstorming, subtly rejecting and silent glares Supramind made it to the list of top 3. This felt like the time to run through the top names with our industry friends and most of them clicked with Supramind. Hence, we were christened Supramind.

Our Super Mind 

Rohit Vedantwar, the Founder of Supramind is the Head Online Marketing Consultant here. With over decade of experience in digital marketing he decided to pursue his passion as his career and do things differently than other companies. Having worked with biggest and smallest of accounts as part of varied team, he has a fun, young team who loves to bring your brand closer to your goal every single minute.

Supramind’s Goal

Our supra objective is to ensure each of our client receives highest ROI by employing right marketing tools- SEO, SMO, PPC or combination of them. To ensure this we are a self-sufficient organization, where even web designing and development team is an innovative bunch of experienced professionals is in-house. Unlike other agencies, we don’t outsource work delaying client’s progress.

Key Supramind Facts:

  • We have ranked at least (7,800) keywords on Google’s first page
  • We have handled $(10,00,000) worth of money on PPC with optimized ROI
  • In over 7 years we have built (7,00,000)+ quality back links for our clients
  • We have optimized over (15,000) webpages
  • Our team of dedicated writers have created over (1,00,00,000) words in last (5) years alone
  • Our techie geeks have written at least (2,00,000) codes in last 5 years


Take your brand to Supra at super-fast speed and limited amount of time with affordable packages. So write to us today and get your Supra marketing proposal today.

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