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How India plays key role in Global SEO industry

SEO industry has been growing by leaps and bounds over last two decades globally. While the whole world has been contributing towards the success of this industry, reports show India has been steadily gaining major market. Over the decade many

SEO service providing companies have been established in India that have sustained over 5 years catering to over 100 clients each in such a span.

Even the non-metro cities are part of the top 50 SEO companies in India. The primary reason for this growth is young generation of SEO experts that know the workings of search engines inside out due to their engineering and marketing backgrounds. As India has huge human resource market it also, offers competitive pricing at better results without a glitch.

Our study shows that pricing offered by Indian agencies is way more affordable than that of USA and UK. On an average an Indian SEO agency pricing is 50% less than that offered in USA for same services. In facts in some packages Indian agencies even offer extra keyword optimisation. When compared against UK market Indian agencies charge 55% lesser.

If you observe the results delivered by these agencies, you will notice they are all top notch and have similar goals achieving pattern. In fact, on the background numerous known UK and USA based SEO companies outsource their work to India, making huge profits! Hence, many clients know this now, they directly get the Indian SEO services on board.

Statistical Data of SEO Agency Pricing

Our exhaustive comparison study shows that on a small-size Indian SEO agency charges $140 per month for a basic plan. Whereas same package is charged at $240 and $210 in UK and USA respectively. It involves basic on-page SEO hygiene and small number of submissions with decent results.

Their platinum packages, which are loaded with optimum white hat SEO submissions and optimisation techniques cost an average of $752, $1644 and $1897 in Indian, USA and UK, respectively.

When it comes to larger SEO companies, you can see the trend to be similar, the only difference being the price gap is higher. On an average an agency would charge this for a basic plan- $238, $376 and $762 per month in India, USA and UK, correspondingly. Agencies offer integrated digital marketing solutions and hence, charge more simply for their brand name. This is common in UK and USA. It’s an open secret that these agencies outsource most of their work.

We have considered four companies each in the country and their offering in basic and platinum plans, take a look at it.

Comparison of SEO Packages


Bronze Amount

Platinum Amount

















Bronze Amount

Platinum Amount

















Bronze Amount

Platinum Amount
















Why outsourcing SEO to India is a good idea:

  • It has young generation of SEO experts that is well versed with technology and has integrated approach.

  • They adapt to changes released by search engines faster than many countries, because of the huge competition in retaining clients.

  • Effective communicators- the current generation is excellent in communicating globally and you no longer have to worry about getting wrong English on your website.

  • Best pricing is offered by Indian valuation of Indian currency is lower than western countries. This means you can save huge.

Myths and Facts about SEO in India

  • Myth: Indians deliver bad results.

    Fact: While there may be some agencies that deliver bad services or use black hat SEO, such agencies are across the world and not just in India. Fact is many US and UK agencies outsource their work to Indians as they are good.

  • Myth: Indian agency write bad English
    Fact: Current Indian generation is well versed with English and has produced engineers that are CEOs in Microsoft and Google India. You can also do a sampling with them before hiring.
  • Myth: Indian SEO companies don’t have business ethics.

    Fact: There are no more ethical professionals than Indians! Many aren’t aware that top SEO agencies in India has a contract clause that they won’t work with your competitor and some even are ready to work behind the curtains top clients who don’t wish to expose who their agencies are.

Working with an Indian SEO agency is the best decision for you to save money and have quality service delivered in limited time. Find out for yourself by signing up one of the top SEO companies in India- Supramind Digital that caters to the likes of Cleartrip.

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