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Trusted Online Marketing Services Provider in India

Online marketing has been very commonly used in the marketing and promotional circles, with growing access to internet and awareness about consumer behavior. However, not everyone who uses the term knows what it actually means and let alone do justice to it. At Supramind, we not only offer online marketing services but know exactly what we are talking about and translate it in to results, too. With your consumers spending most of their time online catching up with friends and family or referring to Google for all their needs, it becomes absolutely important for brands to be present at these online touch points.

Search Engine optimization, Social Media Management, Pay Per Click advertising, Content marketing are all the various successful facets of Online Marketing Services. They assist you to connect with your target market in personal and customized manner. In today’s dynamic world we are equipped with expert knowledge about all the essential algorithms and changes in the digital marketing industry making us one of the hands-on internet marketing companies in India.

Online Marketing Process

Our approach for offering optimum internet marketing services in India is – structured. We firmly believe that a structure helps you reduce the noise and achieve your goal one-pointedly. With our 7 years of experience we have crafted a success-driven online marketing process that always comes through with highest ROI. Let’s take you through the process:


  • Goal: This is the foundation of our integrated online marketing services. In the very beginning a profitable and achievable time-bound goal is determined. This is the most essential step and hence, we spend extra time to fine-tune it in conjunction with our client.
  • Target: Once the goal is set, everything else really becomes simple. Here our target audience is defined based on geography and demography to bring down our funnel and observe the online consumer behavior of our TG.
  • Channel: Study of consumer behavior brings us to finalization of the channels that we need to employ for achieve our goal. With our online marketing experts we create a custom basket of channels that are needed to achieve this goal for our client.
  • Plan: Once required research and channel segregation is thorough we plan the action right from weekly to monthly. So that all the right actions are taken at perfect timing bringing us closer to the goal each day.
  • Manage: It’s time to dive in! Daily monitoring and execution is handled with utmost care and consideration keeping our clients abreast about the developments.
  • Reporting: This is our happiest and proudest part of the process, because this where our expertise and hard work shines.

Why do clients prefer to work with Supramind of all the internet marketing company in India?

  • In-House Experts: Our youngish team of digital experts eat, breathe and live internet marketing. We are one of the few internet marketing companies that doesn’t outsource work to smaller agencies. We are a powerhouse that has every skillset home grown, so that timely actions can be taken.
  • Commercial Thinkers: Being thorough professionals we believe in providing value for money and hence, each mind at Supramind strategies online marketing plans in a manner that we get maximum returns from limited investment.
  • Google Partners: We are certified Google Partners and each our team mate is Google certified for their expertise- PPC, Analytics and more.
  • In-time delivery: Our turn-around time is practical and we always keep the promises we make, deadlines, included. Having a structured approach leaves practically no room for delay from our end.
  • Accolade Winners: Our clients love our precision and delivery. Hence we have earned many accolades and awards.

So write to us to find out what is the right internet marketing mix for your growth online. Our experts from India will bring churn out a success driven strategy that is sure to escalate your business in short period of time.

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