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Best PPC management services provider in India

Pay Per Click or PPC is one of the earliest online marketing tool. Over the years it has gone through many up-gradations and changes which makes it one of the most effective ROI driven tool to get more business. As the name means you pay the money when some clicks on your ads displayed across search engines or display networks. However, getting the clicks from the right audience is the key here and hence, needs precision of a PPC keyword expert to make this happen. As the best PPC company in India, our pay per click management team a group of experienced top notch professionals who have been in the industry for over a decade.

How does our Pay Per Click Management operate?

Before shortlisting any Adwords management company, it is important that you thoroughly understand the process by which the company approaches PPC. Many companies simply take your budget and spend it randomly without giving you any meaningful results. At Supramind, we are transparent in these matters and here is our structured approach for providing pay per click services:-

  • Strategy: Here we plan where exactly do we wish to display your ads depending on your requirement and allot a budget accordingly. These ads can be displayed on Google search results, Gmail inbox, other Google partnering websites, etc.
  • Keywords: This is the essential step of every PPC activity or campaign. A good PPC campaign management services provider will spend maximum time and energy to get this step right. You may call this the foundation of your PPC campaign. Combination of keywords are shortlisted.
  • Ad copy: If keywords are your foundation, ad copy is your pillar! Without a crisp, clear and policy driven ad copy, you campaign is doomed to fail. Hence, our bunch of expert copywriters work closely with PPC experts to get your copy right from the word go!
  • Implement: Once budget and keyword list is in place, it is time to implement the campaign. Implementation across the final channels is done simultaneously as per the plan.
  • Shopping ads: If you are an ecommerce platform, we also help you set up shopping ads by ensuring your product listing surface on the relevant keyword search, increasing your chances of sale.
  • Tracking: our PPC experts in India, monitor your campaign with hawk eye on regular intervals keeping an eye on its performance. Ensuring that displayed ad is authentic and providing right information.
  • Optimisation: Based on the observations in the tracking, optimization process is carried wherever required, typically for the ads that are not performing as per expectations.
  • Reporting: This our favourite part as we get to deliver the results we promised in report. Plus this also lays down foundation for the future campaigns, assisting the client to make decisions about his future marketing strategy.

How to Get In Top Positions on The Search Results with Right PPC Management Service?

You would have noticed in last few years it’s the ‘sponsored’ results that top the search results. In addition, they also are displayed on the right side of the screen. Keeping these current dynamic and consumer behavior in mind our PPC strategies are crafted to me our client’s need in every condition. We offer effective Per Click Services that are ROI driven, which includes but is not limited to:- Paid Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Advertising, PPC Remarketing, Gmail PPC, Social Advertising and more.

By deploying each of these services at the right time we ensure that our client is always on the top in search engine results for relevant keywords. PPC marketing has become much complex these days, but that is where the opportunity to reach newer audience to increase the business is hidden.

Why Supramind for PPC service in India?

  • We are well verse with the performance-based billing approach.
  • We guarantee effective ROI for all your PPC management campaigns.
  • We don’t lock you in for a long term contract. We roll each month as per your flexibility and willingness to spend a budget in a certain month.
  • Our PPC experts employ cutting edge ad tools for optimum performance.
  • Each of our account manager is a Google and Bing certified, so they basically know the workings inside out.
  • Our team is communicative, honest and open.

Not enough for your seo needs?

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