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We offer the Best SEO Services in India

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is probably the first term that is associated with internet marketing and has been doing round in last two decades. Search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc are prime research locations for every consumer these days. Right from researching on where to buy their next residential property, modern consumer also looks up online to find the grocery provider that offers the best price at convenient delivery time.

Search engines have become the trusted confidante of the modern mind before it makes any decisions. Marketing simply means making your presence felt where your audience is. So when your audience is active in search engine you have to be present there. This is where search engine optimization figures, it brings your website in top results right in the eyes of your consumer when he or she is looking for relevant product or service. Supramind is the top services company India simply because our experts have deep experience and sharp foresight as they adapt to all the algorithm updates in matter of hours.

Benefits of hiring a top SEO company in India

Let’s face it, SEO still works! Although some may see Google making it tough with many recent upgrades, at Supramind we welcome them with open arms, because they are putting user experience above money minting techniques. So, yes SEO still works magic when you employ best SEO services in India. Here are some quick benefits of SEO:-

  • Cost Effectiveness

    SEO is the most cost effective form of promotion. Once your presence on search engine is steady, it keep drawing traffic even when you are on a holiday. Whereas other forms need constant pumping in of money to maintain results.

  • Bigger Internet Share

    Even if more and more people are spending loads of time on WhatsApp and CandyCrush, when it comes to make a true purchase decision, search engine has big internet market share. Hence, with right SEO services you can cash on these opportunities.

  • Reach across geographies:

    Search engines enable you to target your audience across geographies using a website and some support submissions. No other media is as cost effective to address requirements of audience across the globe.

  • Content perfection

    Having a SEO company ensures that your website itself becomes SEO-friendly with right guidelines and your content complements your business objective, too. When it comes to online, content is the King and SEO experts know how to have this King becomes favourite of its kingdom.

  • Beat Competitors

    Your competitors are already doing it and it won’t be long before you wished that you had started earlier.

  • Capture your reputation

    When someone looks up your company’s name, what are results that the search engine throws up? What if there are some negative reviews or wrong information posted by others show up? SEO benefits you in ensuring your online reputation is always in your control.

  • Capture your reputation

    When someone looks up your company’s name, what are results that the search engine throws up? What if there are some negative reviews or wrong information posted by others show up? SEO benefits you in ensuring your online reputation is always in your control.

SEO Activities covered

Zeroing down on right bunch of keyword is a mammoth task! This is where the fun for a SEO expert begins. Our specialists dive deep in ocean of keywords to ensure the right set of keywords list is created with long and short term targets.

Your website is your online web home. It have to be well designed and easily accessible. This means that your website has to be first SEO optimized with right keywords on relevant pages with correct URL structures, heading tags and more.

A top SEO company in India would never compromise on the quality of off page, where properties of your brand are built across the web in the forms of forums, blogs, articles, press releases, etc. This supports your website’s SEO and pushes it on the results.

SEO needs some essential technical nuances to be taken care of. At Surpamind, our experts assess the health of your website from SEO point of you and assist you in getting them right.

It is essential to keep track of the results that surface because of various SEO activities undertaken. This helps find-tune the loop holes, if any, and reach the goal faster.

SEO gives Highest ROI

In comparison to other channels of integrated digital marketing services, SEO is the most effective one with highest ROI. It is simple common sense. The results of SEO are lasting. You reach a point here where without doing much your website figures in the top rank and lots of people visiting your website and bringing you business. This is unlike social media where you need to post something regularly or PPC where you have to pump in money regularly to get regular results or like offline marketing where you don’t really know what worked for you and got the business. Hence, it’s time you signed up with top SEO company in India- Supramind.


With access to internet becoming widely available, the way people search has become complex and interesting. Observing these myriads user trends the search engines like Google have become smarter, too, to give closest to exact results for queries that users key-in. Local SEO or local business SEO is one such addition that Google has brought in, where businesses can optimize their physical or geographical location to attract more walk-in customers. Let’s explain this with an example- If we were to look for ‘best Chinese food’ on Google, based on our current location Google will suggest restaurants and eat-outs offering great Chinese food eateries nearest to our location. Going a little further on this. Eateries which are correctly local SEO optimized will show in the top results, gaining more business.


  • Makes your business easier to be found: When you have just started your business, it is not easy to get new customers. They won’t know that you exist and local SEO helps you to let them know that you do.
  • Ups your ranking: Right local SEO ensures that you figure in the top rankings. This automatically gets your maximum exposure that eventually will translate into successful business.
  • Targeted focus: Location based optimization gets you right audience. If someone in Lucknow is shown results about kebab specialty restaurants in Mumbai, then not only is the consumer unhappy; but the Mumbai restaurants would get not so useful clicks.
  • Beats competition: When you get listed above your competitors, you automatically get more attention which means more business. Hence, you beat your competition even before your audience knows that your competition exists.
  • New Customers: This really is simple. Simple because people research on the web for their choices, chance of your business attracting more consumer via local SEO are way higher than people just walking past your business unit.
  • Strengthens Brand Identity: A quality local SEO effort ensures that your brand identity is strengthened. When your online profiles and presences are completely optimized, it instill trust in the minds of consumers and increases the chances of you being recommended to people in their circles.
  • Optimum ROI: SEO itself is relatively inexpensive marketing channel and local SEO services ensure that you stay in the top ranks always. So less investment and more returns.

Local SEO marketing for local business assist tapping in location based search queries

Location based search queries for all sorts of business requirements like- car repair show, best Italian pizza place, affordable hotel rooms, closest petrol pump, etc are common. When someone is looking for such location driven query on search engine, it brings up the results that are closest to the user’s location based businesses. The local SEO marketing experts at Supramind nod their head in unison when to the fact that every business must optimize their physical address online or their overall search ranking would be affected.

As a best Local SEO marketing agency, Supramind, our experts have thorough understanding of the local search’s algorithm and workings. With goal being set to have your business appear in the top lists of local searches, our team works dynamically to ensure your Google business listing is in healthy space and continues to rank even when you are not spending much time on optimization.

  • Our experts ensure that your address is correctly optimized and verified.
  • They work with your team to ensure only authentic reviews about your business surface.
  • They integrate your local listing optimization smoothly with other SEO activities so that you get maximum benefit.
  • They take extra effort to keep your listing updated with the latest happenings like photographs, discounts, announcements of a new branch, etc.
  • Most importantly they optimize in a way that your consumer would be looking for you.

Local search optimization is key to escalating business opportunities online and offline. So be the first one to climb on top of the results and rule.

Meet the top search engine consultants

What is your concern when it comes to search engine marketing? Lack of visibility? Low traffic? Minuscule conversion? Fighting the competition? Breaking out of the web noise? Not having long term effect? Or anything else? Worry not, you have come to the right webpage! Supramind is the one of the lndia’s leading search engine optimization consultants, and we know each of these pain points early well. When we work with our clients we work as a family and there is no way these frustrations. But most importantly we know how to fix it and in a stipulated period of time with long term benefits.

Is hiring SEO consultant in India expensive?

No. Period. When the term consultant appears in any conversation, the word expensive simply tags along. However, so is not the case when we talk about a SEO consultant. This consulting is as good as delivering SEO services by an expert company. Hence, the cost is affordable because the packages are clearly defined and results are determined and met timely. When you hire SEO consultant in India, it is an affordable deal for you.

What are the signs of good SEO Consultant Specialist?

  • A good SEO consultant will have many years of active hands-on SEO experience. Only when a person have worked on many clients with varied needs, can he be termed as an expert who can turn everything around.
  • Should have complete understanding of SEO at 3 essential levels- technical, on page and off page. A weakness in any of these would not get you the kind of success that you should have from your SEO efforts.
  • A proven record for SEO success. Just working with many clients is not enough! The SEO consultant should also have a proven authentic track record to prove his success.
  • The person must be marketing savvy. When the SEO expert becomes way too technical he loses the charm of communication and may kill the brand by being focused on keywords alone. He must be marketing savvy to build a brand out of your product and service.
  • A professional SEO consultant must be updated about the latest trends, best practices and recent updates rolled out by search engine giants. SEO approach evolves with each of these 3 things and so does the SEO strategy. Hence, it is essential SEO expert is aware about them.
  • Must have excellent communication skill.
  • He should be curious to learn more and explore the unknown ways of getting your website in the top ranks. Curiosity leads to invention and to many good things that we enjoy today. SEO consultant is no different.
  • Must think like an entrepreneur but be ready to execute like a perfectionist.

Why hire Supramind as your SEO consultant in India?

Our SEO experts are embodiment of all the above mentioned pointers and we being India’s most trusted integrated digital marketing agency promise to deliver your goals in your budget in a limited amount of time. So write to us about your business requirements today.

Our Popular and Effective SEO packages

Availing SEO services means you must have complete clarity about deliverables against the amount that you pay. At Supramind, we do just that. Our SEO packages are uniquely designed keeping in mind client’s varied requirements and our offerings to meet them. Our experienced experts have put together these perfect packages that are sure-short formula for success. With these magical packages we have successfully achieved many challenging local and global campaigns for our clients across the globe. We are smarter, sharper than our beginning but hungrier as ever for more challenges.

An overview about our monthly SEO packages

You must have noticed that out packages are not filled with silly SEO jargons that most SEO companies in India scare off their clients with. We don’t promise things that we can’t deliver and we definitely don’t use jargons that make no sense and addition to your business. Supramind, is changing that and we are simply simplifying the way SEO is approached. Our packages are defined in such a way that you don’t buy a certain number of backlinks or publish X number of posts, but in a way that it straight forwardly delivers results. Our monthly SEO packages are offered keeping in mind what works for you. If there is a need to do a little more to achieve a target we do it without asking for extra payment.

On signing up with us our team ensures that you get optimum attention and all your requirements are met on time so that you can achieve your SEO goal faster.

Benefits of our SEO pricing packages

Many agencies shy away to share their packages under the pretext of customizing their brief for each client. While a customized plan for each client is a must, there needs to be a building ground where a client can get a fair idea about what is the investment he needs to make to achieve his SEO marketing goal. Here is where Supramind stands apart than many of the SEO companies in India. Our SEO pricing packages are crafted by our experts in a manner that they give you an insight into what goes in to bring you up the search rankings and yet, there is always room for customization based on your specific requirements. Key benefits of our SEO pricing packages are:-

  • At first glance you know what you can expect from us is and how will that help you achieve your results.
  • Gives you depth about our clear understanding of various activities need to have a wholistic and effective SEO plan.
  • Decision making is simplified and sped up.

How did we arrive at these SEO packages?

Being in the industry for over 7 years, we have learnt from every client and every update rolled out by Google. With this rich experience we have designed and developed these ROI driven SEO pricing packages. Keeping in mind importance of each activity right from keyword research to monitoring and reporting we have allotted weightage to them in terms of time needed by our expert to perfect it for you. With each SEO expert being a pro multi-tasker we have developed packages that give an insight into how quickly we can turn things around for your SEO growth.

Not enough for your seo needs?

Have you specific requirements? Just send us details!