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“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell.”- Seth Godin. No one is every defined social media marketing better than this one line. Social media is not just about creating a Facebook page or Twitter Handle. It is about how effectively you use various channels to tell stories about your brand in a way that it touches your consumer’s heart and mind alike. The top social media marketing companies in the world and India, too, won’t talk about just the number of updates that would be put up. These social media agencies first and foremost would brainstorm with you about what is the brand story that you wish the world should connect you with. Once the storyline is built the nitty-gritties calendar and execution plan follows.

Influence of social media management services is growing

Social media marketing and management is not everyone’s cup of green tea! It is one of the most sensitive and active medium of marketing where the professionals have to be alert and communicative every moment and think creatively on their feet all the times. This is because of the ever growing influence of social media on consumer’s mind and heart. With easy access to the smartphones and affordability availability of internet access the consumers these days have become absolutely communicative via social media be it on WhatsApp or Facebook or posting pictures on Instagram. This is one marketing channel that you simply can’t ignore and have to thread your steps very carefully.

What does social media optimization services process involve?

  • Research: Beginning of every successful campaign in any of the decent social media marketing agencies begins with this step. This firstly involves researching about what is it that brand stands for, what is the story that it needs to tell. Competition research quickly follows it to gauge what are they doing right or wrong. Finally but most importantly how is the audience interacting on social media and would love to be approached.
  • Create: Once this story is ready to be told, it is time to create a plan in terms of the channels to be shortlisted, sources of content curation, presentation of the content and the frequency of posting. Our team offering SMO services in India further ensures that this plan of action is approved by client with right point of contacts in place.
  • Engage: Your story and tools are ready. Now it is time to share it with the world and engage your consumer in your story. This give basis to have one-on-one interaction with your target audience, opening them up for an active dialogue with the brand.
  • Listen: Listening is the essential part of this dialogue. From addressing grievances to lapping up consumer’s suggestions are all part of active listening that a brand must engage in regularly.
  • Monitor: Monitor the progress of interaction levels, increase in your fanbase and total conversions. Each effort that you make should show results tangible and intangible. With social media the results may be intangible sometimes, but it is essential to monitor them. Here it is also essential to monitor your competitors.
  • Measure & Report: It’s time now to measure and stock up your findings from monitoring. Measure your growth weekly and monthly to chart out future plan of social media marketing action.

What does Supramind offer as a SMO company in India?

Social media marketing is a wide arena of promotion. Each brand truly needs a customized plan and approach. Here are some of the offerings that we cater to but are not limited to when it comes to social media marketing and management:

  • Social media strategy
  • Community building and management
  • Content creating, curation, seeding and distribution
  • Social reputation management
  • Social crisis preparation and management
  • Influencer tie-ups and marketing
  • Customised partnerships and social co-branding opportunities
  • Contest and campaign development and execution

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