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What exactly is Marketing with Facebook?

Let’s face it, you may or may not be able to face the Facebook, but you definitely can’t ignore the Facebook. When you can’t ignore something, you discover its true potential. So is the case with Facebook. In social media marketing, Facebook has been playing a key role in over 7 years. So what it exactly stands for? It means that you use the most popular medium to promote your product and service. Just like when someone realized that people spend a lot of time listening to radio and promoting products there would be a good idea, same is the case with Facebook. Your audience is spending a lot of time there socializing and sharing about its experiences; leaving you no choice but to market and promote yourself there.

How can you market on Facebook?

Facebook marketing can be complex as audience is emotion driven and very receptive or dismissive of the communication that you put forth. However, once you get the right nerve you can do much magic. Facebook is a very promotion friendly platform and here are 3 ways by which you can utilize it optimally to market your products or services.

  • Facebook Page Marketing: By now everyone knows that brands are allowed to use Facebook page for promotions and that one cannot promote by create a human profile on the social networking website. Here our Facebook marketing expert create a page that is complete updated with cover picture, profile pictures, details about the brand, etc. and manage it by posting engaging content at regular intervals so that you can gain many loyal fans.
  • Facebook Ads Promotions: Facebook has recently changed many policies for brand pages, forcing them to invest more in Ads promotion to make it to users’ feed. This is a welcome move in disguise, because you can now target your consumers with specific demographic and reach higher results. You can boost your page to get more fans or your post to increase the reach or directly to the website to increase the traffic or more.
  • Facebook Group Marketing: As a Facebook marketing company we feel; this is ideal for a niche market! When you have a very specific audience, choosing group marketing on Facebook is a good idea. You will have focus audience with whom you can connect on a human level and in subtle ways promote yourself. It is an ideal tool for community building, so the brands who are looking for loyal followers who can become their potential online influencers should go ahead for this one. Another way of doing this could be having the established target Facebook groups market your product or service.

How does Facebook online marketing help?

It helps in big way! Now a day’s people spend so much time on this social network that they end up looking for suggestions and reviews about product and services on Facebook itself. If you are on this channel you can easily into these opportunities. A strong Facebook presence means more reach and gaining some really loyal followers. These followers then become your influencers and your mouthpiece to recommend you to other people. In today’s world your audience remembers everything that touches their heart and nothing touches them at the moment like Facebook does.

List of that as a Facebook marketing agency we offer:

  • Setting up of brand pages for small, medium-businesses and corporates.
  • Updating and optimizing the pages with right information and creative.
  • Developing a plan for content curation and dissemination
  • Develop content in form of images, videos, text.
  • Maintenance and monitoring of the page.
  • Interacting with the audience, addressing various queries and keeping close tab on spam.
  • We also excel in developing customized Facebook application to create interactive platforms or serve as a tool for lead generation.
  • Ideate and execute creative campaigns and contests. Rope in influencers if needed.
  • Create and manage Facebook paid ads. We closely track it to ensure that you get highest return.
  • Creation and managing Facebook group. Inviting the right audience and keeping them engaged by serving the right communication.
  • Build community that eventually becomes loyal follower
  • Reporting on progress and making necessary changes.

So drop us a line on what do you want to market on Facebook and we’ll get back with a rocking plan for you.

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