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Social Media Packages Customized and Simplified

It is easy or possible to define social media packages. Yet it is essential to have a starting point for furthering the discussion and set some tangible and intangible deliverables. We know how important it is you take your business ‘social’ and with over 7 years of experience in this field, we have come to develop social media marketing packages which are in-depth yet give room for absolute customization as per each client’s unique need at the time for their product lifecycle.

Key takeaways from our social media marketing packages

  • Engaging postings: Our social media story telling experts craft high quality engaging posts that are bound to get positive response from the audience. They are combination of visual and written word in a manner that it builds and tells the story across in the most fun manner.
  • Increased reach: With our engaging organic social media efforts we strategically couple in the paid media to boost your social presence to new audience, hence increasing the reach. Our SMO package is designed in a manner we look at you complete growth on social media which eventually translate into escalated business opportunities.
  • Channel specific approach: While our social media pricing packages are mix of everything that you need for your social media progress, out approach for each channel is different. While the brand messaging is never compromised upon, we optimize the message to draw maximized response on a channel
  • Business page branding: We don’t just create your ‘business pages’, we brand your business pages. We breathe in live with right story-telling based communication and create a brand out of your product or service.
  • Campaign ideation and execution: Our social media team buzzes with ideas and there is never a dull or creative-less day for them. We ideate campaigns that are in sync with current trends and cater to your unique needs. The execution takes place seamlessly without any hiccups.
  • Online CRM: When you are out on social media, you make end up having some negative feedback about the brand and hence, it would be essential to listen and respond to them. Our social media marketing packages include this service to ensure that your brand is loved by lovers and haters, too.
  • Spam tracking: Just like everywhere on the internet there are spammers on each social channel who spam your feed creating unpleasant scenarios. We track and take them off with a hawk eye.
  • Reporting: Each effort that we make is driven to get certain result. Our SMO package ensures that this fact is highlighted clearly by giving you a regular report on the progress.

Advantages of our social media promotion packages

Supramind is not a regular digital marketing agency. With over 7 years of experience we know how to make a customizable package with predetermined packages. We are creative, flexible and always available. Here are some advantages of signing up for our social media promotion packages:

  • Integrated approach: Our plan is holistic. We look at all possible tools and channels needed to tell your story. While doing so we ensure neither of the channel is neglected nor your story is deterred from being told in the most powerful manner.
  • Clarity on deliverables: We promise and we deliver. Right in the planning stage we tell define the goals in sync with your team’s expectations. Our tangible and intangible aims are clearly communicated and achieved.
  • Affordable: You can see it for yourself that our social media pricing is absolutely affordable in conjunction with the services that we offer.
  • Customizable: Each of our packages are customizable. So if you don’t see something on the list or want to get rid of something that doesn’t make sense, worry not and simply let us know and we’ll craft a customized social media package just for you.

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